Meet Our Staff:


Senior Leadership Team

Rōpū Kaiarahi Matua

Lara Hearn


Sonya Hull

Deputy Principal

Andrew Jones

Deputy Principal

Heads of Department

Upoko o te Tari

Gala Kirke


Lucy Bradley

Drama w Performing Arts

Holly Scott


Kim Fairbrother


Bettina Pierce


Kelly Dawe


Kaylee Dawson

Physical Education

Alastair Townshend


Wendy Johnson

Social Sciences

Katy Gray


Specialist Roles


Renae Meggitt

Chief Operations Manager

Rev. Stephanie Mander


Tracy Dockrill

Director of Boarding

Kerri Doy

Director of International Students

Director of Sport

Jo Grace


Claire Spiers

Careers Advisor

Susan Dominikovich



Tiaki Ākonga

Holly Scott

Year 13 Dean

Kim Fairbrother

Year 12 Dean

Susan Tregenza

Year 11 Dean

Devyn Gilbert

Year 10 Dean

Julie McLean

Year 9 Dean

Sonia Ottley

Year 7 & 8 Dean

Meet Our Board of Trustees:

The Craighead Diocesan School Board of Trustees is made up of various people; we have Parent Representatives, a Co-opted member, representatives from our Board of Proprietors, and a student and a teaching staff representative.

As an Integrated school, the Board of Trustee’s main responsibility lies with governance of curriculum delivery.

The day-to-day management responsibility lies with our highly capable Principal and Senior Leadership Team.

As Board Members, we represent all parents and it is vital that we have the opportunity to express your views. To do so, we need to know what they are.

Please feel free to contact any one of us at any time.

Mrs René Crawford
BOT Chair


Mrs Rene Crawford BOT Chair, Parent Elected  Ms Lara Hearn-Rollo Principal
Mrs Nadine Pirake Co-opted BOT Ms Di Hay BOT Parent Elected Rep
Mrs Cath Booth Co-opted BOT Mrs Wendy Johnston BOT Staff Rep
Mrs Nicky Hyslop BOP Chair Miss Ella Laming BOT Student Rep
Mr Paul Dominikovich BOT Parent Elected Rep Mr James Forrest BOP Rep on BOT
Mr Nick Fenn BOT Parent Elected Rep In Attendance:  
Ms Anna Bolland BOT Parent Elected Rep Mrs Gillian Owens BOT Secretary

Board Reports


Audited Annual Accounts for the year ended 2022:

Our People:

Board of Proprietors

The Board of Proprietors has responsibility for the day to day running of the Boarding House and for ensuring the continuation of the Special Character of Craighead under its Integration Agreement.

The Board owns the land and buildings and is responsible for the maintenance and development of the property.

The Bishop of Christchurch is the Warden of Craighead.

Meetings of the Board are not public, but any member of the Board may be approached with your concerns or queries.

Introducing our Board:

Mrs Nicky Hyslop
Board Chairman, Craighead Connect (P&F) Representative

Mrs Lara Hearn-Rollo

Mrs Caroline Ovenstone
Deputy, Craighead Connect (P&F) Representative

Mrs René Crawford
Board of Trustees Chair

Dr William Rolleston
Synod Representative

Mrs Susan Pahl
Synod Representative

Mr Mark Parry

Mrs Tracy McLeod
Synod Representative

Mrs Ruth Cooper
Old Girls’ Association President

Rev Ben Randall 
Archdeaconry Representative

Mr James Forrest
Craighead Connect (P&F) Representative

Mr Javas Wright

Mrs Christine Sparrow 
Board Secretary, In Attendance