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Our uniform instills a sense of identity and belonging to our Craighead School family. Our girls wear their uniform with pride and know the high standards of their uniform are expected to be maintained at all times, whether they are in class at school or out in the community.

2024 New Students – Uniform Fitting & Purchasing information :

Please find below a link to a booking form that you can use now to make appointments in December or January for a fitting and purchasing of school uniform for your daughter. We use the ‘School Interviews‘ online programme for our school bookings, to go there please click on this logo:     

  • You will be asked to enter a school code, please enter this following code for this Uniform event:  rwckm   
  • Each appointment time slot is for 1 hour 
  • The only part of our school uniform that we do not sell on site are the brown shoes. These can be purchased from ‘The Shoe Shop‘ (formerly Cobblers Inn, now relocated and rebranded), the address is: 77 Sophia Street, Timaru (next to Farmers Carpark).


Please Note:This above information was also sent to your email address on 8 November 2023



Craighead Uniform Guidelines:

Please wear the uniform neatly and with pride. Complete school uniform must be worn when at school. When travelling to and from school on a week day, or for a school function, your uniform must be complete, unless an exception has been made by the Principal.

Please note:

  • The Blazer is to be worn to all formal occasions and Chapel Services.
  • When wearing the uniform out of school grounds jerseys or vests are not allowed to be worn on their own without a Blazer.
  • All articles of uniform must be clearly named
  • Only School related badges may be worn on the Blazer.
  • Small, silver or gold, inconspicuous plain ‘stud’ earring(no bigger than 4mm diameter) may be worn, one earring in each ear lobe.Tongue studs are not permitted. 
  • A Pounamu pendant or cross on a necklace may be worn, subtly.  Other jewellery or ornamentation is not to be worn with the school uniform.
  • Whilst walking along streets students in school uniform you may not be eating food
  • Make-up or nail polish are not to be worn with school uniform
  • Hair should be neatly tied back with Craighead blue, green, or blue and green tartan hair ribbon, or slides. Hair is expected to look natural in colour
  • PE uniform may not be worn to or from school, except on Sports Days or by permission.
  • Sports uniform may be worn home from an after school sport practice, and may be worn to school on a Sports day.
  • Boarders may wear mufti when travelling to and from the Boarding House on public transport.
  • The tattooing of young people of school age is strongly discouraged, however ta moko and/or moko may be accepted on cultural grounds on students aged over 16 years subject to a parent/caaregiver request in the form of a letter.  The student is then to attend an interview with a member of the senior leadership team to discuss the personal significance of the item in question. All other tattoos are to be covered and not visible at all times.

View our Uniform components:

On the red tabs below you will be able to find out about our Uniform in all its variations. Order Forms are below the tab section. Orders can be submitted through to our Uniform Committee to process for you ready for collection and payment. Currently, there is no payment facility attached to this webpage so all payments will be made upon collection of items ordered.

Our Uniform Shop open hours are:
  • Every Friday between 3.30pm – 4.30pm
  • A Uniform notice is always in the Kōrero newsletter each week
  • The Old Girls’ Second Hand Uniform Shop is also open on Fridays but please check the Newsletter for the next open date or contact information, it is not open every week. 
Suppliers of uniform items:
  • Craighead Uniform Shop sells all uniform components, except shoes.
  • Shoes can be purchased from ‘The Shoe Shop (formerly Cobblers Inn, now relocated and rebranded), their new address is: 77 Sophia Street, Timaru (next to Farmers Carpark).
To contact the Uniform Committee:
Payment at the shop:
  • Eftpos
  • Cash
  • Credit card  
For Uniform Alterations:

Year 7 & 8 students are required to wear the following Day School uniform:

  • School Blazer – All Year wear. Compulsory
  • Craighead Tunic – All Year wear
  • Shorts – All Year wear. Optional
  • White Shirt Short Sleeved  – Summer
  • White Shirt Long Sleeved or Blue Skivvy – Winter
  • Woollen Jersey – optional
  • Craighead Tights – Winter
  • Navy Knee High Socks – Winter
  • White Ankle Socks – Summer
  • Straw Boater – Summer. Compulsory while outside in the sun
  • Mid-Brown Shoe – McKinlay. Can be worn without socks in summer.


All Year wear encompasses:

  • School Blazer – compulsory
  • Green Woollen Jersey
  • Sleeveless Green Woollen Vest – optional
  • Navy Shorts – optional
  • Mid-brown Shoe – T-bar style. Can be worn without socks in summer.
ascent shoe2 no backgroundMcKinlays TBar shoe


Our Winter Uniform encompasses:winterschool

  • Kilt – hem length for kilts must be 30-33cm from the floor with shoes on
  • White Shirt Long Sleeved – worn tucked in under the kilt
  • Green Tie – plain, Years 7-12 only
  • Navy Monogrammed Tie – Years 13 only
  • Navy Knee-high Socks or Tights/Pantyhose
  • Mid-Brown Shoe – T-bar style
  • School Blazer – For formal occasions and Chapel Services

McKinlays TBar shoeascent shoe2 no background

Optional items, worn as needed:
  • Navy Shorts
  • Navy Long Trousers (photo coming)
  • Green Woollen Jersey – long sleeved, v-neck
  • Green Woollen Sleeveless Vest – v-neckWinter single2
  • School Scarf – woollen


Our Summer Uniform encompasses:

  • Summer Skirt – hem length for skirts must be 30-33cm from the floor with shoes on
  • White Short Sleeved Shirt  – worn outside of the skirt
  • White Ankle Socks – top portion of sock to be turned down
  • School Blazer – for formal occasions and Chapel Services
ascent shoe2 no backgroundMcKinlays TBar shoe
Optional items, that can be worn with the Summer uniform:
  • Navy Shorts
  • Straw Boater Sun Hat –  Years 9-13 optional only
  • Green Jersey
  • Green Sleeveless Vest

PE uniform consists of the following items:tracksuit 2016
  • Tracksuit – jacket and pants sold separately – optional
  • House top – available in house colours and worn at school wide events – compulsory
  • PE top – compulsory
  • PE shorts – compulsory
  • White Sports Socks – worn at competition sport
  • Rugby jersey : An optional item of the PE Uniform

Rugby Jersey by Canterbury

PE Top and Shorts


House Tops:

White – Te Uru                    Blue – Te Raki                     Red – Te Rawhiti                 Yellow –  Te Tonga

 The Uniform Shop also sells the following Sport items:

Netball top and skirt

  • Netball skirt
  • Netball top
  • Hockey / Rugby Socks
  • Hockey skirt
  • Rugby Shorts
*Please note that all other sporting code uniforms are hired 

Craighead Supporters items available:

  • Supporters Jacket
  • Supporters Polo Shirts – Male and Female options available
  • Beanies – Plain or Ribbed
  • Blue Caps
  • Umbrellas

IMG_0241 Craighead umbrella2




Optional items available:

  • Baselayer Top                                                 
  • Merino Jersey
  • Spandies 
  • Fluoro vest
  • Hockey Skirt
  • Rugby Shorts
  • Netball Top & Skirt
  • Sports Bag – with personalised initials                     
  • Green school Cap, Beanie


Merino JerseyBaselayer TopFluoro

IMG_0161Sports Bag with initials IMG_0162











Netball Top & Skirt                   Rugby Socks & Shorts                                                   Hockey Skirt & Socks

♦ Please Note: many other sporting strips are hired. However, the cycling strip must be purchased:.